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Leave your car at home: 3 reasons to take a bus to Detroit for a Tigers game

Posted by Chad Cushman
May 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM


There’s nothing quite like a summer day at Comerica Park. The aroma of hotdogs lingering in the air, the roar of a tiger booming over the loudspeaker after each run scored, the sight of kids scurrying to catch a photo with PAWS; all make for an appealing combination of senses against Detroit’s colossal skyline. 

There’s no doubt about it — once you’re inside the ballpark, you’re almost guaranteed an enjoyable experience. But the hassle before and after the game can make a trip to see the Tigers seem like a hard day’s work. 

Consider cutting out the chaos and adding a new spin on your trip. Taking a charter bus to see the Detroit Tigers is not only affordable, it’s fun — and convenient.

The More, The Merrier
It’s hard to squeeze your whole crew into one car. Cramped rides are uncomfortable, but taking multiple vehicles doubles your parking fees. When you take a charter bus to Detroit for a Tigers game, your group can travel together comfortably, without having to worry about who’s driving home after a long day of excitement.

PAWS.jpgDo you have beer enthusiasts in your group? Connect to our free Wi-Fi and use the time you would spend focusing on the road, to figure out which beer you’re going to try at the ballpark. Comerica’s 150-foot stand-up bar features 30 beers on tap. And don’t worry about securing a sober driver – you already have one when you travel by charter bus.  More of a foodie? You’ll be pleased to know that the ballpark has implemented Detroit-inspired food to their menu. Indulge your cravings knowing you can look forward to a post-game nap after you’ve consumed a days’ worth of ballpark food.

Parking Peeves

If you drive yourself and want to park anywhere close to Comerica Park, you’re likely facing at least $25 in parking fees. On top of that fee, you’ll have to walk a few blocks to get to the ballpark. With a charter bus, enjoy the convenience of being dropped off right outside the park.

When you charter a bus to Detroit, you’ll have plenty of time to peruse the concourse, check out souvenir shops, and settle into your seat. Don’t forget to stay for the fireworks show, which happens on Fridays and Saturdays during the summer.

If you’ve never been to Comerica Park, here’s a fun overview from 

Luxury Travel

Our Indian Trails charter buses feature reclining seats, spacious legroom, adjustable footrests, tinted windows, and a cup holder for every passenger. Don’t let your outdated memories of charter buses talk you out of a trip. Every fully-equipped Indian Trails bus is cleaned before each new trip. Learn more about our modern amenities.

Comerica Park Pic.jpgTraveling with children? You’re already facing the daunting challenge of keeping them entertained on the ride to the game. When you travel by charter bus, you don’t have to worry about watching the road and your kids at the same time. 

So, go ahead and pack those activity bags and travel games; we have plenty of space to store your “kid stuff.” And remember, taking the bus to the game is an added adventure for your small companions, too!

Interested in joining us for a game? Request a quote to charter your group.



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