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Discovering Bay City, Michigan: A Blend of History, Nature, and Arts

Posted by Chad Cushman
Jan 12, 2024 4:32:00 PM
Discovering Bay City, Michigan | Indian Trails

Bay City

Along the banks of the Saginaw River, Bay City is a hidden gem offering a variety of delightful experiences for all. Begin your exploration by delving into its fascinating history at the Bay County Historical Museum. Located in the heart of the city, this museum is a treasure trove of exhibits that chronicle the region's past. From the Indigenous cultures that once thrived along the riverbanks to the industrial boom that shaped the city, the museum provides a captivating journey through time.

To see the wonders of the universe from the comfort of a seat, visit the Delta College Planetarium. This celestial haven provides exploration, entertainment and education. It’s located within walking distance of historic Center Avenue, the picturesque Saginaw River and a plethora of restaurants. When at the planetarium, make sure to head to the rooftop observation deck to gaze at the stars through telescopes. 
Art enthusiasts will appreciate Studio 23/The Arts Center as the dynamic hub for local creativity. Featuring an array of local artwork and hosting workshops, this center celebrates the vibrant arts community in Bay City. Immerse yourself in the diverse expressions of local artists and participate in a workshop to unleash your creative spirit.

With three floors of quality antiques, the Bay City Antiques Center is a mecca for seasoned collectors and casual browsers alike. Unique finds and hidden treasures are just waiting for a new home. Lose yourself in the charm of vintage items that tell stories of bygone eras.

For those seeking a breath of fresh air and a connection with nature, Wenonah Park is the perfect destination. Situated along the scenic Saginaw River, the park offers breathtaking views, walking trails and idyllic picnic areas. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank, enjoy the serenity of the landscape and bask in the beauty of Michigan's natural surroundings.

Come on, Let's go to Bay City! 

Whether you're fascinated by the past, inspired by nature, or drawn to artistic expressions, Bay City invites you to immerse yourself in its unique charm. With each visit, you're sure to discover new facets of this enchanting city that leave a lasting impression.

Indian Trails can help get you there in two ways. First, we run regular bus routes to and from Bay City throughout the state and beyond. Buy a ticket and enjoy stress-free travel to this wonderful destination. If you’re bringing a group of traveling companions, you can charter a bus and create a customized sightseeing tour! Either way, start your adventure with Indian Trails.

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